NEW WAVE BLASPHEMY: Self-titled: 7”

Aug 22, 2006

So this is screamo? It goes RAAARRARRRR! Then it goes all quiet. Then it goes RAAARRRRAAARRR! Then it slips in electric doodad noise. Here’s my hypothesis: the RAR! parts are for the folks so they can go all fist in the air and then bust the start-the-lawnmower dance move. When it gets quiet, mosh-it-ups can tie their shoes, maybe go find a friend to hold their hoodie before the impending pit action. It’s also for the quieter types, who can say, “I don’t quite get the RAR! part, but I like the parts that sound like Yes and Kraftwork.” The music’s bipolar, like puttering around in a retirement community in a golf cart one second and then zigzagging light speed in a meteor shower the next. Can I blame the Locust? Ultimately, file this next to Jimmy Buffet and Queensryche; a shitload of folks will love it, I guess it’s well played, it gives people happiness, and I’ll just don’t understand the appeal.

 –todd (No Idea)