NEW TOWN ANIMALS: Cori Street b/w Spin So Fast: 7"

Aug 11, 2009

Since new wave and punk rock have been stitched so closely together to wonderful results in the past several years, the banner has been effectively raised to new heights and keeps fluttering in the wind by greats like the Epoxies, the Briefs, The Spits, and The Minds. You’ve gotta have chops, more hooks than what’s hanging in a slaughterhouse, and impeccable songwriting to stay on the playing field. This 7” delivers. It’s a dramatic splicing of the Forgotten Rebels meet all-songs-on-the-Vapors-first-LP-except-“Turning Japanese” meets the Get the Knack. Bouncy, elastic spasms of good time, no-brain Canadian fun. And they’ve been doing it since 1998.

 –todd (Longshot)

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