NEW THRILL PARADE: Self-titled: 12” EP

Hmmmm. I still don’t know if this thing has an actual title or not, and at first glance there are three distinct possibilities regarding what the name of the label might be. The music backs up that confusion. An included review describes the New Thrill Parade as “curious cacophony,” and that would be an accurate summation. It’s extremely experimental, and often it’s hard to offer something truly compelling in such modes (and difficult to describe it, so I offer my apologies). This would say that this record is interesting; I didn’t get sick of it at all, but nor would it be one that I would reach for when I didn’t know what else to listen to. I suspect that live would be the preferable means of appreciating this, because start to finish it sounds like the recording of a performance art piece.

 –guest (Mountain Landis)