Jun 20, 2007

This record has been getting a lot of poor (or at least confused) reviews lately and I really can’t understand why. Well, that’s a lie. I do understand how someone wouldn’t quite understand its genius after hearing it for the first time. It happened to me. It is like nothing I have ever heard before, but something I have always subconsciously yearned to hear. Like Nick Cave’s Birthday Party on crack. Slow and hypnotizing, dark and droning bass-heavy melodies accented by jarring crash symbols soon lead into a chaotic mess of screeching saxophone and guitar. Demanding gloomy deep vocals quickly turn shrieking and urgent. It’s like being able to witness the musical equivalent of a depressed clown’s journey drifting into the frosty arms of insanity and through the dark, creepy melodies and unpredictable breakdowns. You not only begin to understand why, but it begins to drag you down as well. This is original, and truly nothing short of amazing. Highly recommended.

 –guest (17 Television / Mountain Landis)