NEW SCHEME, THE: #9, free, 8½ x 11, newsprint, 48 pgs.

Oct 02, 2008

A top notch music zine out of Boulder, CO., The New Scheme takes a bare bones approach to production – with its Spartan layout and jaggedy white space around ads – but has better content than most glossy publications these days. There’s interviews (Against Me!, Rum Diary, Bright Calm Blue, and Andy Low of Robotic Empire label), plenty of CD reviews that cover a broad spectrum (Nebraska indie rock, Japanese hardcore, Swedish metal, Gainesville melodic punk, DC post-punk, emo), book reviews that cover equally as diverse subject matter (from places like Akashic Books and Crimethinc) and a couple of DVD reviews. All in all, not a bad read. –Greg Barbera (The New Scheme, PO Box 7542, Boulder, CO 80306;