NEW SCHEME, THE #2: $9 for six issues, 8 ½ x 11, offset newsprint, 56 pgs

Jan 25, 2011

There’s one really funny page in this zine where a guy makes lists of one-liners like “Rhetorical Questions That I Wish I Could Ask: ‘What are you doing today? You wanna go get some sticks and poke this guy?’”  Stuff like that.  It made me laugh.  Other than that, it’s a pretty ordinary punk zine.  Interviews with Cave In, Al Burian, Waxwing, etc.; columns that were pretty weak; and a bunch of record reviews.  Not really recommended.  If you subscribe, though, you can get a free copy of the new Fabulous Disaster album. I recommend that. (The New Scheme, PO Box 19873, Boulder, CO 80308)

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