NEW NOISE #2: Free, 8” x 10”, color, glossy, 80 pgs.

Aug 22, 2013

How not to be offended? The first cross-page spread advertises a band name on the left. On the right is a white page with small, centered Hot Topic, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Warped Tour logos. That explains how this magazine is free. Predictably, there’s that pay-to-play vibe of Skratch: a visual echo of the band promo shot used for an “interview” then used in an ad close to the “interview.” (A publicist’s wet dream.) There’s no editorial. Their obituary page fails to mention who one of the two of the recently deceased men is. Typos run rampant. There’s a full page ad of a topless woman, electrical tape over her nipples (and not in the warrior, shotgun, chainsaw, car-in-pool, fuck-you style of Wendy O. Williams), in a vending machine, hands pressed against the glass. How far will you go to sell and get sold? Pretty fuckin’ far, is New Noise’s answer. I understand bills need to be paid, but at what price? Ads that don’t stop at the objectification of women, but celebrate it? Count me out. From the ashes of AMP magazine.