NEW MODEL ARMY: Today Is the Day: CD

Jan 13, 2010

Gotta admit that though I’ve been fully aware of their existence since the mid-‘80s or so, my knowledge of this band’s repertoire is limited to a limited edition “best of” CD I picked up ’cause I love their tune “White Coats,” a poorly packaged CDEP that I got to review some years ago, the interview that ran in this fine mag a few issues back, and now this CD. What you get for your buck is intelligent, poetic lyrics coupled with first-rate songwriting that bounces across a number of musical sub-niches, from the metallic opening title tune to electrified folky stuff, to the odd rager, all delivered with the same level of conviction and passion as the Clash or even the more believable of the hardcore lot. Is this a full-on stereotypical sonic punk attack? Not by a long shot, but liberal doses of punk sensibilities are rampant throughout, so if you’re a little more open-minded than the average mohawk-coiffed punter, there’s much here you’ll find quite impressive.

 –jimmy (Attack Attack)