NEW MEXICO, THE: Inductive Reasoning: CDEP

May 20, 2010

Hell yeah to The New Mexico’s ability to spit out five songs in a little more than eight minutes. They actually could have skinned the fat off of their first song that has a 45 second intro of drums and then guitar following the drum beat. The highlight of this CD is the tune “Benjamin’s Cause,” where these guys splice a few seconds of radio friendly buttrock as an introduction and then the tune emerges with a pulled needle sound, then The New Mexico slam into their hardcore diatribe against such poser music. These guys know how to flawlessly lock their guitars in step with the drums to deliver some four chord punk. They sound like there’re influenced by the early ‘80s SoCal punk stuff like Youth Brigade. They’ve got some high energy, well-played tunes here.

 –N.L. Dewart (Live Nasty Dynasty,