I’ve been searching really hard to find a melodic hardcore band that can pick up where Kid Dynamite left off, but more and more, I’m seeing what a tough thing that is. When I first popped in this New Mexican Disaster Squad, I thought I had a candidate for a carrier of the Kid Dynamite torch. The singer has the ability to switch from singing to screaming and still sound good, and to race through lyrics really quickly without completely losing coherence. The guitars blend some nice hooks into the songs, and the drummer keeps things moving. The songs start and finish pretty quickly. Still, after a few songs, my attention starts to wane. I start to feel like I’m listening to a three-song seven inch four times in a row, not one, twelve-song album. If this had been a three-song seven inch, I would’ve been really stoked on it. As it stands, this album is good background music, but I was hoping for more.

 –sean (A-F)