NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD: Peace with Nothing: Digital EP

Dec 13, 2007

Razorcake usually tends to frown upon reviewing digital-only releases, but this one gets a free pass because it’s going to be released as a 7” vinyl soon, and also the nice people at Jade Tree went through the trouble of burning the album onto CD, so, technically, it’s a hardcopy now. New Mexican Disaster Squad plays melodic hardcore (i.e. 7 Seconds, Kid Dynamite) that manages to sound fresh and energetic. At only five songs, the EP is a nice little jolt of adrenaline that’s over so quickly you might want to put it on loop two or three times. The album contains three originals which are all excellent, a cover of Government Issue’s “Understand” (I honestly only know that, because the press sheet said so), and the final track is a cover of 7 Seconds’ “Here’s Your Warning.” Now the 7 Seconds cover sounds exactly like the original, but this is a case of “if it’s not broken why fix it?” to me. Well, in all fairness, they do change the “Now it’s 1984” line so that it’s actually relevant. These guys don’t pull off a lot of tricks in their sound, but they’re good at what they do, so they don’t really need to. After all, there are too many bands that turn to shit after they discover the magic of metal guitar solos.  –Adrian (Jade Tree)