NEW JUNK CITY: Self-titled: LP

Have you ever wanted a soundtrack to a cocksure, fuck-off day? The type of day where everything seems to fall into place. You wake up and glance at the mirror and think, “Damn, I look halfway decent.” You receive too much change from the liquor store attendant while shoplifted trail mix is in your hoodie pocket. Your nagging coworker is out sick with mono so you have free rein over their office supplies. If so, here are seven confident punk songs from four Georgians who breathe life into tired power chords. The singer has refined strained punk shouts into soulful, gritty sincerity. When he pushes his voice to the limits, you’re compelled to do the same. All the while, the twangy, intricate guitars tango with hard-hitting percussive beats. New JunkCity strikes a balance between rawness (“I don’t love you like I used to”) and resiliency (“Trying to make it out of this one-horse town”). It’s been a while since I’ve felt this much heart in a record, let alone on a debut LP. Let’s hope these dudes can keep it up, because I’m anxiously anticipating their next release. Highly recommended.

 –Sean Arenas (No Breaks, [email protected])