NEW FLESH, THE: Reality: 12”

Sep 19, 2013

Eight tracks of melodic punk tinged with metal are packed onto this 12”. Each song is quite long—which I’m not a fan of—and although the New Flesh propels each song with a range of galloping drums to disco punk beats, all awash with metallic guitar noise and solos, it at times drags. There are surges and swells, but nothing is unleashed. It’s missing an edge that their counterparts Neon Piss (the bands share a member) nail head on. The vocals are ambient, almost an echo, with the exception of “Gravity” where they come on harder/grainier and shows a bit more range. All vocals are poorly mixed, perhaps to their benefit. When I saw them live I thought it was the PA, but it’s all meant to bleed into the background. Reminiscent of Joy Division’s less famous, less catchy tunes, with a similar melodic energy which sets them apart from other punk flavors. I like the nod to Sartre with song titles “Being and Nothingness” and “Reality,” but I’m partial. Also dig the purple-vomit colored vinyl. Not bad.

 –Camylle Reynolds (Self-released, [email protected],