NEW COLONIES: Self-titled: 7”

As a reviewer, I want to throw my arm around Sean Dolan’s shoulders and say, “First release? Well done!” Handwritten note with band pedigree (Rumspringer and Seas Will Rise) and physical address means zero internet searching and getting straight to it. The stark black and white Pettibonesque cover art is the first thing to grab traction, new yet familiar. Fold-out insert complete with lyrics mining frequented modern punk territory (being a fuck up, drinking, fear of failure, survival). The four tracks aren’t breaking any new ground, sounding like a Leatherface/ HWM/ Iron Chic playlist, but polishing them off with just enough tuneful originality (I think it’s the Rumspringer shining through) that I’m already staggering along and memorizing the words to “League of Extraordinary Failures.” 

 –Matt Seward (33 Forever,