New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye Bands, Dirty Basements, and the Search for Se: By Ronen Kauffman, 191 pgs. By Joe

I can pretty much assume I got this since I’m from New Jersey, the irony being that I’m probably the most un-Jersey person you’ll find. I’d heard about this book, about how “there’s this history book on the New Brunswick punk scene,” which is funny considering this is essentially a short autobiography. At the core, it’s the author’s story of getting into punk rock, going to Rutgers, working on zines, playing in bands, as well as the kind of antics you’d expect to happen in a typical college town. It’s entertaining and made me a feel a tiny bit nostalgic at times; just remember what it is. (Seriously, I don’t know how people thought this was meant as a definitive history.) Also, some proceeds go to charity, which is rad. –Joe Evans III (Seven Stories Press, 140 Watts, NY, NY 10013)