NEW BRUISES: Transmit! Transmit!: CD

Aug 01, 2006

There’s an element in here that I can’t identify just yet. I hate to throw a bunch of band comparisons at a band I actually enjoy and encourage people to seek out since it’s a really lazy way out but... Avail is in here, The Arrivals, Hot Water Music, Dillinger Four, and even Randy. I imagine a lot of people have been sold right there... but there’s something else I can’t put my finger on. Could be one of the bands these gents are/were in, including Mid Carson July, Grey AM, and The Holy Mountain but I haven’t actually heard any of them to my recollection so I can’t say. It’s a good element though; feels a little like a band or two from Chicago... Maybe you’ll figure it out.

 –guest (Kiss Of Death)