NEW BOMB TURKS: The Blind Run: purple 10"

May 14, 2001

This sonically turbulent 10-incher belligerently blazes with all-out rough'n'tumble rock'n'roll crunch! The four sizzle-fried songs cacophonously contained herein are evil, vile, andtumultuously trashy... venomous and snotty razor-slashed vocals; high-tension crank-crazed straight-outta-the-gutter guitar savagery that violently grabs ya by the balls; skull-pummelling rumble'n'roar flesh-scorchin' bass detonations of frenzied low-end audial bite; and speedfreak thundergod boom-boom drumming madness. Hot damn hellfire for sure, the New Bomb Turks aurally rampage with dangerously bad-ass bowery punk sleaziness

 –Roger Moser Jr. (New Bomb Turks, PO Box;