NEW AMAZONS, THE, #1: $4.50 USD, 8” x 11”, 24 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

Get this: there’s a public domain superhero from the 1970s that was created by a Czech artist who pretended a comic his friends drew (by later stealing said comic and editing the art and dialogue) was actually drawn by a Russian political group in direct opposition to the Soviet Union. Okay, whatever. That’s cool back story and all, but it’s prelude to the fact that this book uses that character as its premise. Her name is Octobriana, and she is joined by five other women in revealing outfits who have powers and costumes to represent their countries. The creative team has decided there are not enough women ironically representing countries or enough superhero comics on the market. Because, hey, it’s not like superhero comics are two thirds of the current comic book market. So, you know, thanks for that. It’s not like the concept is particularly novel, since it’s been happening since superheroes have existed. The book feels like it’s grasping for a feminist statement, but falls short. The costume choices are laughable and utilize old concepts that felt dated twenty years ago. Despite being stuck in the embarrassing years of costume choice and dialogue, the comic is bold enough to proclaim that it is not like other superhero comics. A great deal is made of a main character killing a nameless enemy mook because, hey, superheroes can kill. Edgy, right? Only buy if you are an Octobriana fanboy, if those exist. Grade: D-. –Bryan Static (Kult Creations,