NEVERMORES, THE: Lock Your Doors: LP

Mar 17, 2015

There seems to be a serious Edgar Allan Poe theme going on with this band and record, from the band name to the graphics. At this point, that is at least preferable to a David Allan Coe theme and the trappings that might come with that. Looking more closely, I am seeing that this seems to be a recording from 1991, that one of the band members is named Gretchen Holtz, and the band is from Indiana. There is something rattling around in my head about Gretchen from the band The Smears from that area. A little more research shows that it is the same person and this band appears to be pre-Smears. The sound is along the same lines—garage punk with rough vocals, but this band is more lo-fi and features prominent organ. Real, real lo-fi. Fans of labels like RatCity, Crypt, and Bag Of Hammers would probably find a whole lot to like here. 

 –frame (Magnetic South)