NEUROSIS: Honor Found in Decay: CD/LP

Neurosis takes their sweet time in between albums. Honor Found in Decay is their tenth album in twenty-five years, and their first since Given to the Rising, released in 2007. Like past albums, the total number of songs on the album is few, but the length is still massive, as the seven songs on Honor Found in Decay clock in at sixty minutes. The shortest song is six minutes and the longest pushes the twelve-minute mark. It makes for grandiose movements as the band seeks an emotional release, for not only themselves but for the listener as well. The crushing riffs are still there, as is tribal drumming, and the harsh vocals. The keyboards add a lot of atmosphere and there are points where strings and other delicate arrangements allow for a good depth to the sound. This is a dark album, one that would most likely be best to soak in at night with the lights out in your bedroom. While it’s not as good as Through Silver in Blood or Times of Grace, Honor Found in Decay is a solid album and show why Neurosis are so respected and copied in the music scene. This is a must for any fan of the band.

 –kurt (