NETWORK, THE: Money Money 2020: CD/DVD

Aug 26, 2009

Looks like the new wave revival is in full swing over at Adeline. There’s hints of Berlin, Men Without Hats, Bow Wow Wow, some other ones I can’t instantly recall (lotta one-hitters back then, you know), but mostly it’s redolent of Freedom of Choice Devo, which I’d be an asshole to even try to deny as a cultural touchstone (nay, milestone). Honestly, I was pretty ambivalent at first, but after a few forced listens, it’s started to grow on me. They obviously know what they’re working with and what to do with it (they all have funny names, like Snoo and Fink, and underpants on their heads, so you can’t tell who they are – I suspect that Billy Joel fellow from Green Day is one but I’m no authority) and have access to probably the same instruments the original new wavers used (like those keyboards with the handle so you would wear it like a guitar) and, a couple duds aside, the whole package comes off sort of like listening to MTV circa 1983. I only watched the DVD part once because the video gave me a swelling, itching brain, and I don’t really know how DVDs work so I probably missed some parts, but I’ll tell you this: there’s naked ladies on there.

 –doug (Adeline)