NERVOUS TALK: Self-titled: LP

Nov 02, 2015

Canada has a long history when it comes to pop punk (a term I use begrudgingly, but I can’t think of a better one right now). From Teenage Head and the Pointed Sticks to Bum and Chixdiggit! to Steve Adamyk Band and Needles//Pins, we have a lot of amazing bands who kneel at the altar of the Ramones. Now we can add another to that legendary list: Vancouver’s Nervous Talk. These songs are so fucking good! The hooks stick in your brain like bubble gum in your hair the first time you tried to talk to someone you were attracted to. It blows my mind that something this special is a young band’s debut full-length album. I’ve seen them play three times now and can’t wait for more!

 –ty (Hosehead,