NERVOUS SHAKES: Separate Beds? I Don’t Think So: CD

Jul 11, 2007

First off, if they were really so compelled as to have to have their name be like half of “Nervous Eaters” plus half of “Morning Shakes,” i’m not so sure i wouldn’t’ve rather had them call themselves the Morning Eaters. Next off, this album probably could’ve been titled Three Breasted Woman, owing to the fact that it is stacked so peculiarly—the first twenty-five percent or so is basically these more or less inept rock & roll numbers revolving around sex, shaking, and positive comments on the appearance of one’s own ass (“Get the fear, it’s Saturday night—Sex! Sex! Sex-Sex-Sex-Sex!” the guy yowls, with all the convincingness and swagger of Ron Howard on that episode of Happy Days where Fonzie let Richie borrow his apartment above the Cunninghams’ garage for his hot date)—and, just when one gets the feeling that the main point of debate for this album is whether it’s Good Dumb, Bad Dumb, Dumb Both or Just Plain Dumb, they kick in with some kinda King/Rassler Queers song (“Number One”) that i musta missed on account of i left the gig to get bubblegum and Pop Rocks™ or something, followed by a token sex toy song (“Swedish Love Gun”)—and THEN the band inexplicably cranks into an extended suite of sloppy, brilliant pop/rock/punk/roll tunes not unlike the Real Kids or Yum Yums’ tight-jeaned, leopard-spotted-shirted, black-hair-dyed weird cousins (said suite to include a cover of “Be a Man” by the Brats, better known as the third song on the first side of the Infections album [let the record show that the only Brats song i was familiar with In The Day was “First Rock Star on the Moon”]). I mean, the last seventy-five percent of this record is, like, great—but the first twenty-five percent is practically a joke. Actually, it’s probably just some manner of extended Belgian Mind Fuck; i’m sure they knew what they were doing all along. Kinda like most foreign films, though, this one makes more sense if you enter in the middle. BEST SONG: “Brat” BEST SONG TITLE: “Get the Fear” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The songwriting credits for “Can’t Stand You” are nonexistent, but, the credits for the hidden track, “Suzie,” are quite evident. Huh.

–norb (Nun)