Aug 22, 2006

Apart from the initial “Loretta”/“Just Head” KBD material we all know and adore, i’ve always been a fan of the band’s Hot Steel and Acid LP ca. 1987, going so far as to, shall we say, “liberally borrow from” the “Be My Baby” riff for my own twisted purposes (hint: rhymes with “I Wanna Get To Third Base With You”). I also occasionally stick up for the sissy-pants bomp-she-bomp version of “Loretta” that graces their puss-puss, major label, Ric Ocasek-neutered debut album, therefore i feel that, on average, i like (or at least have paid attention to) a fair amount more of the post-KBD Nervous Eaters material than most other nitwits of my ilk. That said, this latest album of punk-via-the-seventies-long-haired- rebel-route-rock fails to cause anything more than polite stirrings in my loins. There are some neat arrangement tricks (falsetto backups in “Scream [When I Dream]”, f’r instance) and the band (or whatever exactly it is at this late date) doesn’t have seem to have lost any critical Drive To Rock, but this is the kind of music that doesn’t sound like much at all if it’s not being played on a large stage with a massively amplified kick drum. Which, as far as i can tell, it is not. BEST SONG: “Scream (When I Dream)” BEST SONG TITLE: “Look Wot U Dun” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Look Wot U Dun” is, amazingly, NOT the Slade song which is misspelled the exact same way. Huh.

 –norb (No Tomorrow)

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