Nov 22, 2009

Super noisy and blown-out hardcore punk rock from this Portland audio terrorist unit. Blur and blurrier are the only tempos you get here. The guitar is a wash of white noise over drums that resemble the sound of knocking on a door—perhaps the door to hell—and the vocals are distant sounding, as though he’s shouting from down the hallway. Simplistic lyrics on war, the system, and the hellish grind of life. This description may turn off those who like their music to consist of pretty notes and non-offensive subject matter, but for the initiated, those in the know, this record is something to pick up and crank up. Fans of luminary bands like Asbestos, Confuse, Disorder, Gai, Larm, and the rest, time to storm the record racks!

 –M.Avrg (Whisper in Darkness)

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