NERVES, THE: One Way Ticket: CD

Mar 03, 2009

The Nerves and I go way back, before I even really knew who the hell they were. They had a song on a Trouser Press compilation, “Working Too Hard,” that I played over and over and over again. More recently, I have seen Peter Case solo a couple times and also with The Plimsouls. I was lucky enough to catch Paul Collins Beat live this year, too. Now if Jack Lee returns… But wait—what every music fan should really demand is a full-blown Nerves reunion. This CD is rock solid from start to finish. Every song, no matter how raw it is presented here, is a power pop gem. I really can’t think of another band that has had three songwriters of this fire and skill in one outfit. “Walking Out on Love,” “One Way Ticket,” and “Hanging on the Telephone” are enough to put them at the top of the power pop hill—without question. I even like “Come Back and Stay,” once I black out Paul Young’s ‘80s schlock version from my mind. This is a fantastic and long overdue release from an AWESOME band. Get this now and you’ll be hard pressed to get the tunes out of your head.

 –koepenick (Alive)

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