NERVES, THE: 25th Anniversary: 10"

Feb 05, 2009

Dude, the Nerves were the quintessential rock band because they were the sum of each part (member). You got your Jack Lee on guitar, Pete Case on bass, and the irreverent Paul Collins thumping out the drums – no littered solos, no fucking around! They began in the garage of San Francisco and found short-lived fame on the dirty boulevard of dreams: Hollywood. There appears to be evidence of critical buzz around them but they never really caught on with the dumb hicks lighting up candles on their windowsills for Boston. Christ! If only we were there during that time. Perhaps the elusive nature of antiquity make the Nerves a worthy cult band for hero worship. I’d much rather bow down to “Hanging on the Telephone” than “More Than a Feeling." Of course, The Nerves split up and Paul Collins went onto form The Beat (not the limey ska band). Blondie immortalized “Hanging” by recording the song, practically word for word, note for note. This 10" is a welcome sight for those of us who never found the original single of The Nerves for under $90! It’s an essential piece for those who enjoy power pop and just good rock’n’roll in general. Thank you Penniman Records, you are one helluva rocking label because not only did you have the right sense to put this Nerves comp out, you also put out The Fun Things reissue too. May the universe bless you and The Nerves. Now how about a reunion show? What’s next? The Shoes reunion? The Pezband? Yeah!

 –nam (The Nerves)