NERVE BEATS: Art History 1+2: 7”

Nov 02, 2015

It was a Saturday night this past fall and I was jobless, new to Austin, Texas. I had a job and a paycheck on the horizon, but nothing was guaranteed. The “fun money” I saved was limited and I was trying not to be too reckless with it. Friends convinced me to go out, because why not? The show was mostly local bands but Nerve Beats, a mysterious power trio from Honolulu (I had no idea there were punk bands there) were on a larger tour of the greater forty-eight states. The Nerve Beats were added to the bill last minute. I am glad I decided to go out that night, as Nerve Beats made my night. They moved me in a way I haven’t been moved by a strange band in a long time. I wasn’t the only one at the show who thought so. I was so hyped about the set that I had to buy their record. The Art History 1+2 7” appears to be self-released and is housed only in a white record sleeve. Nerve Beats had the same feel and power of The Minutemen—and even talked about having to be “econo” on their tour—since booking a tour from Honolulu is apparently as difficult and expensive as booking an international tour. Hopefully on their next swing through these parts, I’ll know more about them and word of mouth will spread so more people will check out the show. Although I’m old and cranky, this is the kind of show that takes me way back to a time when it seemed like on any given night I could be blown away by some strange no-name band. But that doesn’t have to be in the past, when I was younger, or more naïve, or whatever. It can still happen, and does, when I least expect it. 

 –Sal Lucci (Self-released,

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