NEKROMANTIX: Return of the Loving Dead: CD

Feb 05, 2009

Whooooo-diddle-diddle-hey, this here is some prime demented devil’s music at its everlasting booty-twistin’ best! Yeh buddy, I’m a-talkin’ about a rambunctiously delivered smorgasbord of fire-and-brimstone rockabilly rowdiness injected with a hard-hittin’ wallop of psychotic, bad-ass aural revelry! It’s criminally insane and musically hedonistic like blurred reflections of The Addams Family giddily slaughtering chickens in full view of the image-distorting crazy-mirrors in a funhouse at the county fair. It’s as hot, piercing, and disruptive as a flaming pitchfork plowing through a fiery heaping haystack in Hades while hyperactive one-eyed demons dance a dosey-doe jig in swirling haphazard circles around it. Sure as shit, this furiously sizzlin’ CD is flame-broiled to perfection! With such evil and immoral song titles as “Nice Day for a Resurrection," “Gargoyles Over Copenhagen," “Murder for Breakfast," “RubberMonks & LeatherNuns," “Generation 666," “I’m a Hellcat," and “Haunted Cathouse," you can damn well expect a definite guarantee of one helluva sinfully ingratiating good time! The sonically blazing Nekromantix trio sure knows how to savagely unleash an energetic unrelenting conflagration of devilish auditory madness that tickles my soul somethin’ fierce. Yep, this decadently delightful lil’ disc will more than likely be the flesh-scorchin’ soundtrack for Satan’s very next barbecue in the infernal flaming pits of Purgatory… and you’re all cordially invited to attend, of course!

 –guest (Hellcat)