NEKROMANTIX: Life Is a Grave & I Dig it!!!: CD

Dec 13, 2007

The influential scene star Kim Nekromantix is approaching twenty years in the biz, and has adjusted to life in the U.S., a major line-up change, and a deal with the ever-burgeoning Hellcat [Epitaph] label—forces that resulted in a complete sound overhaul. Life Is a Grave reveals a depth of musicianship; a darker and more complete interpretation of the musical components that are the psycho cocktail. It’s a polished, mature, and sated release more akin to calculating serial killers than the crimes of passion which hallmarked Curse of the Coffin and Brought Back to Life. Fits into the new mold of psychobilly: subdued and balanced bass, Damned-style vocals, and tricky multi-genre guitar fingering.

 â€“thiringer (Hellcat)

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