Jun 13, 2014

To be completely honest with you, I think the vast majority of the current noisecore thing happening is complete garbage. You and your pals may be all foaming at the mouth for the new Slick Turd and the Toilet Bowls mega limited cassette recorded underneath an overpass during rush hour now, but I can safely bet in another year, if even that, you are going to snap out of your stupor and wonder why in the hell you bought all these shitty records. And yet, as much as this genre is filled to the brim with crap, there are some diamonds amongst the refuse. Nekromantiker are one of the few you should actually check out, and even more crazy, buy their records because they do deserve more than a couple spins. Steeped in droning noise and raw as hell execution, there are actual songs underneath the chaos. Some aspects are catchy as well. Check out the bass in the song “Instru-Mental.” On more than a couple occasions I was keeping time and bouncing around the room while listening to this. What I really like is how they incorporate sound effects into the songs and use them as though they are instruments. (Check out “Cocked Up” and the opener “You’re Infected!” for two of the best examples.) Easy comparison would be Confuse. Which I definitely hear, but Nekromantiker aren’t cookie cutter and sound like they’re building on the genre and pushing it forward. 

 –M.Avrg (SPHC)