NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS: Self-titled: 1-sided 12” EP

Jul 14, 2011

The whole L.A./S.F., northern/southern California punk rivalry is a fuckin’ farce man, designed by lazy minds and a back-pocket excuse to go beating on someone you don’t know. Point in case: L.A. transplant Jenny Angelillo, formerly of the Orphans, taking up the Penelope Houston/Avengers role while one-year-ex-OC dude George Rager plugs in through guitar riffs reminiscent of Circle Jerks “World Up My Ass.” I’m not sayin’ it’s a SF’s band’s lovefest, but borders are for xenophobic fucktards and I’m looking for world peace… one neighborhood at a time. Looking for no-thinkin’, jerk-you-from-your-seat punk rock? There’ll always be worm-wiggle-on-the-floor room for ‘em in my record collection…

 –todd (Modern Action)