Jul 21, 2011

I’m an L.A. punker through and through, one who started sniffing around the scene when the whole beach punk/OC thang (we’re talkin’ China White, Adolescents, and Social Task, not Blink 182, Goldfinger, and No Doubt) was gathering a good head o’ steam, so stuff like this hits me where I live. Prime-grade thud punk here, with loud guitars ringin’, some great singin’, hooks aplenty, and a beat that goes STOMP STOMP STOMP in all the right ways. They keep things short ‘n’ sweet with only five tunes presented here, all of which bear the stamp of that early Southern California sound without sounding like a tribute or museum piece. Do the kids still scrawl their favorite bands on the backs of their shirts ‘n’ jackets these days? These brats are definitely worthy of such an honor.

 –jimmy (Modern Action)