Jan 27, 2015

It’s a pretty amazing thing to see a band that you really like continue to grow and continue to sound rad while doing it. The day I received the first Neighborhood Brats EP in my review materials my life changed for the better. Angry, visceral, and barely in control, it dominated my stereo for a long time. Over the next few singles, the changes weren’t all that noticeable but with Recovery the Brats are showing some change. Don’t get me wrong, the seething temperament is still there. The feeling that everything could explode at any minute? Check. It’s in the delivery. The vitriol is laser pointed now. Everything is tightened up and focused. Is this the moment where a great band becomes one of the greatest bands? I believe it is. Easily a top record for 2014 for me. 

 –ty (Deranged)

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