Okay, must refrain from showy displays of geekdom. This is a legitimate, authoritative magazine and….HOLY SHIT, THIS FUGGIN’ THING SMOKES!!! Ahem. Sorry about that. As I was saying, there’s a certain level of politesse one must maintain or risk besmirching one’s reputation. Well above-average punk rock is embedded into both sides of this, their first proper full-length album, and…SWEET MINTY JESUS, I’VE DIED AND GONE TO PUNK ROCK HEAVEN!!! ‘Scuze me, there…. I’m hearing shades of prime-era Legal Weapon—tell me “Painted And Gutted” doesn’t hold its own against anything on Death of Innocence—mixed in with all the things that Off! is getting hyped to death over, and are delivering the latter at higher levels of sophistication and flat-out catchiness. Not to besmirch Keith ‘n’ his latest cabal of neo-retro-hardcore malcontents, but these kids are just on fire here AND I’M BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS IN GLEEFUL ABANDON TO THIS FUCKER REPUTATION BE DAMNED OH MY DEAR MAHFÜ THIS THING IS SOOOO GODDAMNED AWESOME!!! Heh. My apologies. Anyway, is this worth the time and green of Razorcake’s urbane, discerning readership? You bet yer sweet posterior it is, bucko. 

 –jimmy (Deranged)