NEGATIVE TREND: Self-titled: 7” EP

Jun 13, 2014

Every now and then one gets a reissue for review that rightfully elicits a response along the lines of, “Well, great, what the fuck do I say about this that hasn’t been said before?” Such is the case here. This seminal and seriously crucial piece of punk history from the band that spawned both Flipper and the Toiling Midgets is all scuzz, fuzz, venom, and virulence. Not to besmirch his efforts, but if you’re only familiar with Rik L Rik-led versions of “Black and Red,” “Meathouse,” and “Mercenaries” featured on the Beach Blvd. compilation, rest assured you haven’t heard those tunes until you’ve cranked this bad boy up past polite volumes. This has been reissued numerous times in various formats, and this time ‘round you get it in the original format with the original artwork intact. Can’t find the pressing info, but I imagine it’s limited in number, so I’d act fast before you end up banging your head in frustration when you can’t find a copy that doesn’t require you to sell off your first-born. 

 –jimmy (Superior Viaduct)