Nov 15, 2011

This trio from Sweden delivers the goods in short blasts of raw and stripped-down, tuneful hardcore punk. There are a few thrashers on here (“M.B.D.,” “New Solutions,” “No Random Signals,” and the title track), but the rest are a touch moodier—and have a little more going on in the structure—from mid to quick tempos, bass-driven breaks, and guitars that come in and out. The whole record is steeped in urgency, which is really noticeable in the vocals (that remind me of Claude Bessy), that have a dry and desperate sound that switches between shouted and spoken. While there are some fast ragers on here, I find the slightly slower songs like “Trying to Fit In,” “Radio Silence,” and “Reading to Avoid Thinking” stand out more and stay with me later throughout the day. Don’t hesitate in picking this one up.

 –M.Avrg (Deranged,