NEGATIVE FX: Discography: CD

May 27, 2009

Here is what I know. I heard that Taang! Records initially released this and did not repress this once it went out of press. I’m thinking, what the fuck are they thinking? This is one of those records that would keep selling slowly because it influenced so many. I hear elements of NFX in a lot of modern day fastcore bands. This, from a band from the early ‘80s, that only played five shows live. That is fucking amazing, to influence so many people years later. Luckily, a Belgium label saw the potential to reintroduce to the masses that this band was influential. You may be thinking, “This is 2002 and I’m reading an old guy’s jaded review.” History has a habit of repeating itself and every style of punk from the past has been replicated, so you need the balance of finding out what bands came from the past and getting kicked in the ass with all the new bands. These recordings have stood the test of time and are equal to what is put out now. So go out and pick up a piece of history while it’s still affordable.

 –don (Reflex)