NEEDLES//PINS: 12:34 and Getting On Home: LP & 7”

Jul 23, 2012

I’m curious to know whether people who don’t know Needles//Pins vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Adam “Solly” Solomonian are able to recognize what an incredible student of a huge array of genres he is. Having seen Solly jamming on Westerberg and/or bluegrass tunes in his living room, fronting long-gone Ottawa darlings The Transit, or playing in the (now deceased) hardcore band Miles Between Us, when I sift through Needles//Pins’ songs, I’m catching glimpses of all of these elements, strung together in ridiculously catchy, dancey, “garage”-y pop songs. This LP and 7” were written and recorded not too far apart from each other, and they’re very much of the same ilk: picture something between mid-period Replacements, Selling the Sizzle-era Smugglers, The Hives’ “incredibly famous for a minute” stint, and ‘70s/’80s Canadian power pop punk (Pointed Sticks/Teenage Head) and you’d be close. So insanely good.

 –Dave Disorder (Mammoth Cave / La-Ti-Da,,

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