Sep 17, 2015

First off, the presentation of this record is absolutely flawless. There’s a beautiful pink screen print on the blank side of the clear LP, and it’s wrapped up in a jacket with these ingenious cut-outs, kind of like the paper dolls you can dress in little paper clothes. I just realized that there are instructions included that tell you how to use the packaging to construct a beach scene that includes all the band members. Like I said, flawless. Musically, think part tongue-in-cheek melodic queercore, part doo-wop girl band—but can you imagine Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers fronting it? I don’t mean the vocals; I mean the lyrical obsession with shirtless muscley hunks (and their butts). This might be incredibly obscure, but, overall, I think it sounds like Songs For Moms slowed down to play at some weirdo ‘60s prom attended by the cast of Ghost World

 –Indiana Laub (Minor Bird,

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