NECROPOLIS: The Hackled Ruff and Shoulder Mane: LP

Jan 18, 2007

This is definitely interesting. What should I call this? Psychedelic post punk? Eighties dance rock that’s been run through a mountain of effects pedals? The music (composed of guitar, bass, organ, drums, and vocals) switches from atonal to melodic, from spastic fast tempos to a more dreamy mid-tempo. The vocals also shift from a male screamy/whiny voice (sounding sort of like the singer of the Ponys or Old Time Relijun) to a less jarring and more tuneful female voice, sometimes singing over each other. A lot of the songs descend into squalls of feedback, samples, and random instruments, falling apart. For me, listening to this was more interesting than enjoyable. But that’s more my personal taste.

 –Jason Donnerparty (Columbus Discount Records)