NAW DUDE / IT BURNS: Split: Cassette

May 27, 2011

Naw Dude pillage and plunder through their four songs of Scandi-core-inspired madness in what seems like no time at all. I can hear a bit of Krigshot during their Mieszko (rest in peace, sir) years. Cymbals crashing, deep fryer bass burl, and pissed-off-dog with a sore throat barking vocals. Fucking ace. It Burns are also obviously influenced by Swedish hardcore as evidenced by the Diskonto cover but, to be fair, their originals do tear shit up in an unmistakably American way. Extra special bonus points to them for the lyrics, “I’m going to find a baseball bat and hit a line drive through your skull!” Couldn’t ask for a better pairing of two bands that I will be keeping a closer eye on from now on.

 –Juan Espinosa (Let’s Pretend, no address)

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