NAVEL: Depend: CD

Aug 29, 2006

For a not-very-famous band, I keep thinking that Leatherface must be huge in Gainesville and parts of Tokyo, because I’ve gotten so many albums from Gainesville’s No Idea records and Tokyo’s Snuffy Smile records that take so much from Leatherface that they should pay Frankie royalties. Not that I’m complaining. All rock bands and punk bands are just playing out variations on a theme. And when that theme comes from Leatherface’s madness and melody, it usually makes me happy. I don’t say this to pigeonhole Navel as a Leatherface cover band, but Leatherface is definitely the starting point. From there, they play with touches of 7 Seconds-like hardcore and Hüsker Dü sonic stylings. It all blends together pretty well. It’s not the best thing that Snuffy Smile has to offer, but it’s definitely worth the international postage.

 –sean (Snuffy Smile)