NAVEL: 1994 - 1999: CD

Aug 13, 2009

Discography CD from this dreamy, pop punk band from Japan. Didn’t know that they had broken up or can confirm if they really did based on this release. I have heard Navel in the past. I have the split with Skimmer and the Hello Nippon and Killed by Crackle comps that they have appeared on. Many might relate to the reference of Hi Standard to conceptualize this band since both originate from Japan. Both have very thick Japanese accents and play melodic punk. I will re-use the adjective “dreamy” again when I have to describe the music they play. They do tread in a more hardcore vein in some tracks, but many tread in a pure pop vein. The musicianship is absolutely dead on and puts a smile on my down face. What is included here is their full length, Uneasy, and a variety of tracks off splits and comps. Worth its weight in recycled rabbit dung and can fertilize a good time.

 –don (Snuffy Smile)

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