NATURE, THE: Din Medicin: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Sound-wise, The Nature fit firmly between punk and post-punk. They’re too sassy to be on the pouty-faced art school post-punk side, but, at the same time, they experiment and fuck around with style too much to be completely in the punk camp. Wise choice on their part. Something about the attitude of the vocal delivery reminds me of Nation Of Ulysses. Maybe it’s the confidence and attitude the words are delivered with, as well as how his voice sounds at times. Though they never “get in your face,” the first three songs are the most charged up. When they hit “Ett Rån,” they shift gears for something a little more inward looking and has interesting Cylon-sounding backing vocals. Easily my favorite track on this record. The only downside is they never really pick up the momentum after that. “Fatta!” picks up a little bit, but it’s not as focused as the earlier tracks. Towards the end of the LP they seem to lose steam and the material is not as strong. “Northern Lights,” which closes the record, is more of a throwaway track and not a good ender. Although this is not a terrible record, they should have been a little more selective, shed some clunkers, and just released a solid EP.

 –M.Avrg (Skrammel,