Natural Disaster: By Al Burian, 273 pgs. By Liz

Aug 18, 2008

This book is a collection of issues 10-13 of Al Burian’s popular zine Burn Collector, as well as the first two installments of Natural Disaster. The book seems to retain much of the original presentation of the zines—typos, odd spacing, and all that—but it doesn’t hurt the read. Burian jumps back and forth through time, essentially just living life for the rest of us to read. He bums around Europe, gets fired from a video store, and lets the ghosts of girlfriends past eat away at his mind. There isn’t much here that couldn’t have happened to anyone else, but that’s the charm of the stories. Burian personalizes the universal and, while we always know that the stories are set around him, it is always relatable. –Liz Ohanesian (Stickfigure, PO Box 55462, Atlanta, GA, 30308) 

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