NATURAL CHILD: Self-titled: 7"

Jan 11, 2011

I’ve had this 7” for a few months, picked it up at my local record store because it had a sticker saying “Ex-Horribly Wrong.” The Horribly Wrong is my absolute favorite Bloomington, IN band. They came and went before I moved to Bloomington, but I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice at reunion shows. Natural Child hails from Nashville, TN, and features Horribly Wrong bassist/co-singer Seth Murray. The man is something of an enigma. I only met him a few times before he left Bloomington. He’s certainly friendly enough every time I talk with him, but for some reason, Natural Child has not played Bloomington and there is no mention of any Horribly Wrong connection on the label’s website. A damn shame! Four sing-a-long, tongue-in-cheek dumb rock’n’roll songs about teenage crack smokers, pity fucking, and horny mothers. Definitely not polished but not as low-fi as The Horribly Wrong. Hopefully I’ll be able to see them live soon. Natural Child seems to be picking up steam, as they tour frequently and played some of those Scion-sponsored garage rock shows. –Sal Lucci

 –guest (Infinity Cat,

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