Nardwuar, The Human Serviette: Welcome to My Castle: 2 x DVD

Mar 24, 2009

Over five and a half hours of Nardwuar here! This set compiles two television specials produced for public access cable in the early ‘90s. I watched this with a friend, who commented. “I can’t believe people don’t hit this guy!” I don’t know, I think Nardwuar is awesome. I love how he can get a lot of these celebrities uncomfortable and freaked out. See him interview Ernest Angley, and how the man of God quickly gets agitated and hostile. See him bewilder Micky Dolenz, make Sonic Youth look stiff, freak out the Degrassi kids, and even question heads of state at press conferences. My favorite part of the whole experience is the “Celebrity Trackdown,” where he finds addresses of local people at the back of an old issue of some teen magazine, and goes looking for them. Disc two is unedited interviews with Tommy Chong, Timothy Leary, Nirvana (from 1994), a couple with Krist Novoselic, and four with Courtney Love (who seems to do best with these interviews), and one with Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Then there’s the audio commentary, which adds another dimension to everything. On top of all this, you get eight videos from the Evaporators. –M.Avrg (Mint, PO Box 3613, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 3Y6,