NARCS, THE: Long Hot Summer: EP

Excellent follow up to their previous EP on Reel Time, I Want Dope I Want Pussy I Want All That Shit. In fact, this record surpasses that record, and it was no sloucher. They ratcheted up the energy here to something a bit more on edge and almost reckless. Punk that lives up to its name: dirty, raw, rough, and all with a sense of something fucked could very well happen. I mean, fuck, this band is made up of some historical figures: Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglas, and flugelhorn master Chuck Mangione. So you know something epic is just around the corner. An American band, if there ever was! The title track is a rager with a short little guitar noodle to add a little unease to the deal. It’s the song “Ratbone” though that really connects. Short and urgent! Also, “R.O.T. Blood,” which has a sense of coming together at the recording studio with the weird ending, like, is that it? I guess so! I imagine their live shows in a room of cigarette smoke, leather jackets permeating years of poor hygiene, cheap beer, and a few participants who can’t keep their shit together. The Narcs… there is no other.

 –M.Avrg (Cowabunga,