NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH: Chronological Disorder: CD

Nov 08, 2007

Holy moley, the kids are all right… at first I swore that this was a re-issue of some band from the early ‘80s that somehow I had never heard of. It’s fast and biting, with a snotty sense of humor and tunes that, instead of getting old, get better with every listen (even if some of the riffs are markedly similar to riffs that I have on other records, but when you’re working with only four or five chords, tops, you’ll wind up covering some old ground: cf. Big Drill Car’s almost note-for-note reworking of a Brigade song on Album Type Thing). The titles may have made me groan at first (“Vicious Killer,” “Don’t Belong,” “My Neighbor Hates Me,” “McAnarchy,” et al.) and wonder what kind of rehashed crap-trap I had found myself in, but dang it all if they didn’t pull it off. This certainly isn’t the record of the year, but I doff my cap to Narcoleptic Youth for making me feel fifteen again.

 –Eric Carlson (Finger)

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